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Assurance that smart meters are safe

We at Power Struggle openly wonder if anyone has written to their power company asking them to put it in writing that wireless smart meters are perfectly safe and pose zero risk to people’s health and wellbeing. Continue reading

Health & privacy facts explained

Power Struggle is pleased to share the work of The Power Film. Download documentation for this talk: http://thepowerfilm.org/confcall On a conference call (26 Apr 2012), Prof. Glen Chase explains several critically important documents about smart meters – privacy and health – in an easy-to-understand way. ♦ Did PG&E really admit in a court order that … Continue reading

Video – technical facts and political agenda of smart meters

Video – Public Forum in Enderby BC on Smart Meters and the Wireless Industry. Continue reading

Target the smart meter installation company

Having no joy negotiating with your power supplier when you refuse their smart meter? How about calling up the CEO of the firm that sends out the guys to install smart meters? An email to the CEO and GM of the installation firm highlighting the very real risk of future litigation against them, re your … Continue reading

Frequent broadcasting

Ask almost anyone at a power company how often their smart meters send out a wireless signal and they’ll tell you once a day.

Couldn’t quite believes this myself and did some research.

I discovered of course that smart meters frequently send out signals, not just to base, but to each other up and down the street.

Here’s what the guy at Contact Energy had to say about it. Continue reading

Smart meters are now 'smart boxes'

By the end of 2013 almost 40,000 Waikato households will have a ‘smart box’ installed. WEL Networks CEO Dr Julian Elder said the company will start installing the first of 35,000 smart boxes in Hamilton city in late August 2012.  Properties in Huntly, Ngaruawahia, Te Kauwhata and Maramarua will receive smart boxes later this year. … Continue reading

500,000 smart meters to be installed

In a November 2011 press report, SmartCo, a consortium of electricity lines companies,  confirmed plans to install 500,000 “smart” electricity meters “from North Cape to Bluff” over the next three years at an expected cost of $200 million to $250m. The meters will remotely monitor electricity consumption. SmartCo general manager Bob Lack said they would … Continue reading

'No need to regulate smart meters' – minister

In a report dated 2010, Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee  rejected calls to regulate the installation of new “smart meters” in homes. He agreed to the Electricity Commission’s recommendation not to regulate the meters because the “benefits would not outweigh the costs”. Full story here

Podcast – Why smart meters are not a good idea

Graeme Purches of Trust Power makes it clear to Steve Hart that smart meters are not up to the job, are costly and don’t deliver consumers the savings expected or promoted by companies pushing smart meters into communities. Continue reading

$200m cost of smart meters

A 2011 report reveals that electricity lines companies in New Zealand planned to spend $200 million fitting out up to half of homes with smart meters equipped with Home Area Network (HAN) radios capable of wirelessly controlling and communicating with smart home appliances, according to Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright. Full story here.

Smart meters cost $450 each

If you are a shareholder of a power company, perhaps it is time for you to ask why the firm you have a financial interest in, is spending 11 times more money than it needs to. Continue reading

Wireless pollution – video

How radio waves can immerse a whole community. Video. Continue reading

California – smart meters removed

California’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) has quietly begun replacing Smart Meters with analog meters for citizens reporting adverse health effects. Consumer rights and other groups demanded immediately that their wireless devices be removed from their homes. Joshua Hart of stopsmartmeters.org reported the good news just as PG&E deploys the last phase of its smart meters … Continue reading

Power firm agrees to remove smart meters

In the US, utility firm PG&E bows to public pressure, and the ruling of the California Public Utilities Commission, to offer an alternative to their smart meters. The firm’s press release says: “Residential electric and gas customers who have concerns about wireless technology can now choose either a new SmartMeter or a traditional analog meter, … Continue reading

Just say no to big brother – Orlean Koehle

Click HERE to download (1.6mg) Just Say No to Big Brothers’ Smart Meters by Orlean Koehle. Download the PDF to read off-line, share and print. Orlean Koehle says; “It is hoped that after the reader has read this booklet that he/she will be motivated to take a strong stand against the “deployment” of the smart … Continue reading

New analogue meters are an option in NZ

Just had a call from a chap at Contact Energy offering me a new analogue power meter. Continue reading

Output of a smart meter

An independent study in the US shows how your cellphone compares with a smart meter. Watch the video below in tandem with reading this PDF.

Smart meter outside the bedroom?

Do you have a smart meter on your property? Where is it exactly? On the outside wall of your bedroom? Here is what New Zealand’s Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPEC) has to say about the location of Smart Meters on the last page of its report: “…a sensible approach is to locate Smart Meters such … Continue reading

Heart problems caused by smart meter

A Pacemaker recipient describes his personal experiences with the hazard of Smart Meter electromagnetic radiation “leakage” interfering with his heart, his pacemaker and his life.  

CIA welcomes smart meters

CIA director David Petraeus has said that the rise of new “smart” gadgets means that Americans are effectively bugging their own homes, saving US spy agencies a job when it identifies any “persons of interest”. Speaking at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology investment operation, Petraeus made the comments when discussing new technologies which … Continue reading

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