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Just say no to big brother – Orlean Koehle

Click HERE to download (1.6mg) Just Say No to Big Brothers’ Smart Meters by Orlean Koehle.

Download the PDF to read off-line, share and print.

Orlean Koehle says; “It is hoped that after the reader has read this booklet that he/she will be motivated to take a strong stand against the “deployment” of the smart meters on his/her own property. It is not too late.

“If you already have a smart meter, don’t despair; join in the battle anyway. With a small claim court law suit or class action law suit perhaps you can be victorious and the utility company will be forced to remove the meter and restore your old analogue one.

“The grand plan is a global smart grid plan of 24-hour a-day surveillance, control
of your life and your use of energy, selling of data on how you use your energy, zapping us with radiation.”



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