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Assurance that smart meters are safe

We at Power Struggle openly wonder if anyone has written to their power company asking it to put in writing that wireless smart meters are perfectly safe and pose zero risk to people’s health and wellbeing.

Power firms may write and say their smart meters meet current safety guidelines, but is that the same as saying they are not harmful to people? Would a power firm be so bold as to say the technology it uses to measure your power usage is 100% safe?

We are not sure.

If you bought a hamburger from a take-away store and got food poisoning, someone would close the burger bar down.

If you were sold an unsafe car, the maker would be ordered to recall and fix it.

Do the same rules of health and safety, and environmental safety, apply to power providers who use wireless smart meters?

If you have an email or a letter from your power provider guaranteeing you that the wireless smart meter on the side of your home is 100% safe, and unable to harm or make anyone feel ill, then we’d be pleased to see it.

Please use the contact form which allows for document uploads.



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