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Health & privacy facts explained

Power Struggle is pleased to share the work of The Power Film.

Download documentation for this talk: http://thepowerfilm.org/confcall

On a conference call (26 Apr 2012), Prof. Glen Chase explains several critically important documents about smart meters – privacy and health – in an easy-to-understand way.

♦ Did PG&E really admit in a court order that the average smart meter emits radiation bursts 14,000 times per day… and some up to 190,000?
♦ What key scientific research paper did the County of Santa Cruz Health Department base its ‘no-smart-meter’ ruling on, and how can it be easily understood?
♦ What does the science actually say about smart meters, in their advanced ability to report private details of your use for each appliance… and why do we not have access to this data in the home? What other facts are being withheld by utilities and governments?

Professor Chase teaches Systems Management specializing in Environmental Economics and Statistics; faculty alumn USC, Cal State, Monterey Institute of Int’l Studies, Naval Post-Graduate School.



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