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Trust Power in Wellington

We have featured information supplied by Trust Power saying the firm would remove a smart meter on your home and replace it with an analogue meter if you switched to using them for your power supply. Continue reading

Burglars use smart meters

CRIMINALS no longer need to stake out a home or a business to monitor the inhabitants’ comings and goings. Now they can simply pick up wireless signals broadcast by the building’s utility meters. In the US, analogue meters that measure water, gas and electricity consumption are being replaced by automated meter reading (AMR) technology. Nearly … Continue reading

A reader writes – RL from Victoria

I cannot be in any building with a Microwave Smart Meter as they give me shocking headaches and tingling in my whole body. I have been made previously E.H.S owing to using my mobile phone for just on four years and had used it nothing like as much as many folk do. My doctor has had to confiscate my mobile phone to stop me from any further E.M.F injury and I am glad that he did. Continue reading

Global integrated smart grids a possibility

ABB’s Overlay DC grids will be able to interconnect countries and continents, balance loads and reinforce the existing AC transmission networks. Continue reading

Video – campaign against smart meters

Texas PUC held a Public Forum on Smart Meter Issues. Continue reading

PDF smart meter files for researchers

During the course of my research I have collected numerous PDF files written by all manner of concerned parties and experts. Continue reading

Video – win a smart appliance!

Click to see this important video. Continue reading

Video – Risks of smart meter hacking

One security firm looks at how hackers can access the computers on smart meters to steal electricity and consumer data from utilities. Continue reading

Power company extortion

Power firms do not have permission to change a meter to a smart meter just by changing their terms and conditions without consultation with the customer (therefore, the terms and conditions is not a binding contract). Continue reading

Your home life power chart revealed

By examining smart meter data, it is possible to identify which appliances a consumer is using and at what times of the day, because each type of appliance generates a unique electric load “signature”. Continue reading

Smart meter brochures

For those interested in the sales pitch manufacturers of smart meters use on utility providers, then please feel free to Continue reading

Video – CIA concerns over smart grid

Thalia Assuras from EnergyNow.com sat down with former CIA Director James Woolsey to discuss the current state of the nation’s electric grid and its vulnerabilities. Woolsey says the federal government’s oversight of grid security is inadequate and attacks on the grid are “entirely possible. Continue reading

Audio – Inside information on smart grids

This is an industry conference call on smart grids. It is worth listening to so you get some insight into what is going on in the background. Continue reading

Video – Health risks of smart meters

Click to watch the video: Latest and perhaps best talk so far by Brian Thiesen on the politics behind smart meters and the health problems that come with them. Continue reading

Health impacts of smart meters

A report by Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Poki Stewart Namkung, casting serious doubt on Smart Meter safety and the adequacy of FCC guidelines to protect the public, was unanimously accepted by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Continue reading

Video – No privacy in the future…

If we are not careful this is the future of everything – unless someone at the Privacy Commission can take a stand on behalf of the people. Click to watch the video. Continue reading

Video – Smart grid risks

Electrical engineer and electro-magnetic pollution consultant Tom Wilson of GreenAndHealthyHomes.net, analyzes the architecture and human and environmental health risks of the so-called ‘smart grid’ in his presentation at the Wireless Safety Summit, Oct. 5, 2011, in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Center for Safer Wireless.

Smart meters no longer compulsory in the UK

The energy minister in the previous [British] Labour government, one Ed Miliband, introduced legislation to make smart meters mandatory for homes and small and medium-sized businesses by 2014 as part of the condition for licensing energy companies. The electronic devices must collect information every 30 minutes, and use wireless chips to phone home. The cost … Continue reading

Cyber attack risks of smart grid

Intelligence chiefs have warned that plans to install smart energy meters in every house will leave families vulnerable to terrorist attacks. According to the British Government’s listening agency GCHQ, the plans will create a ‘strategic vulnerability’, giving foreign computer hackers the opportunity to target individual homes, municipal buildings and even whole districts. Described by security … Continue reading

Smart meters – the issues, concerns and implications

Smart meters – the issues, concerns, implications and what you can do Smart Meters are being installed in homes around the world as part of a global roll-out of smart power grids. We don’t believe in coincidences. We have a number of concerns with regard smart meters, which can be used to measure electricity, gas … Continue reading

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