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A reader writes – RL from Victoria

Dear Sirs and Mesdames,
I cannot be in any building with a Microwave Smart Meter as they give me shocking headaches and tingling in my whole body.

I have been made previously E.H.S owing to using my mobile phone for just on four years and had used it nothing like as much as many folk do.  My doctor has had to confiscate my mobile phone to stop me from any further E.M.F injury and I am glad that he did.

I also know that in both Holland and the whole of the United Kingdom through their recent Laws enacted in both Parliaments that anybody who is being made sick by the Microwave Smart Meters which they now have on their home or small business properties, or believes that they could be made sick in the future by these now proving to be, very dangerous devices can now demand in Law that these Microwave Smart Meters be removed immediately and replaced with the older Analog Electric Meter which is both a Passive and Safe Electric Meter.

>When these Microwave Meters are now replaced in both countries…..The United Kingdom of England Scotland Wales and Ireland they are now replaced at the Entire Cost to the Electric Power Company or companies responsible for imposing the now much hated Microwave Meters.

I must now state that. ” Not only are Smart Meters Illegal Wire Tapping Devices, they are also Illegal Radio Stations. This should be another Nail In their Coffin I am hoping.



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