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Trust Power in Wellington

We have featured information supplied by Trust Power saying the firm would remove a smart meter on your home and replace it with an analogue meter if you switched to using them for your power supply.

However, for people living in Wellington the issue is not so clear cut. It seems the firm is not able to replace meters in this area.

If you live in Wellington then please double check with Trust Power before switching.

One option is to ask your current power supplier to remove the wireless chip from your smart meter.

It appears it is far easier to stop a smart meter being put on your property than it is to have it removed afterwards.


6 thoughts on “Trust Power in Wellington

  1. I have just rung Trust Power ( 4th Dec) and asked if they would switch my smart meter over for a manual read meter. The won’t. The reason is that they admitted that they are moving to smart meters. Peter

    Posted by Peter Coleman | December 4, 2012, 11:17 am
    • I have said NO to Contact Energy in Elelrslie installing a smart meter. I wrote to the power company, phoned them and have posted signage when they ntoified us they were in the area to do this. I told them I am opting out of a smart meter, as I am in a private block I also notified others via mail drop and have been pleased to see that no activity has happened. Your power company will listen if you resist and choose to opt-out, which legally you can. They will try to fob you off and have very expereicned negotaitors to deal with you. If it has already been installed then I would take them to court. Here is a letter you can re-construct to your power company:
      Chief Executive Officer
      GENESIS POWER LIMITED (trading as Genesis Energy)
      Level 3
      The Genesis Building
      602 Great South Road
      I have as of 2012.00.00 received a letter dated 2012.00.00 informing me of the ”good news” of having a smart meter (referred to as an ’advanced meter’) installed within the period 2012.00.00 ~ 2012.00.00.
      Being electrosensitive… [Put in own reasons if appropriate]
      The attempted forcing of smart meters onto the electrosensitive is discriminatory under the Human Rights Act 1993:
      [Quote indented]
      3. Act to bind the Crown
      This Act shall bind the Crown.
      21. Prohibited grounds of discrimination
      (1) For the purposes of this Act, the prohibited grounds of discrimination are—
      (h) disability, which means—
      (i) physical disability or impairment:
      (ii) physical illness:
      (v) any other loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function:
      44. Provision of goods and services
      (1) It shall be unlawful for any person who supplies goods, facilities, or services to the public or any section of the
      (a) to refuse or fail on demand to provide any other persons with those goods, facilities, or services;
      by reason of any of the prohibited grounds of discrimination.
      [End of quote]
      And under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990:
      [Quote indented]
      8. Right not to be deprived of life
      9. Right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment
      10. Right not to be subjected medical or scientific experimentation
      18. Freedom of movement
      19. Freedom from discrimination
      27. Right to justice
      [End of quote]
      Do not quote your ”terms and conditions” as these are not a contract, implied (which is an oxymoron) or otherwise, legally or lawfully under common law; the definition of a contract is:
      [Following indented]
      A contract is a mutual agreement between two or more parties, there cannot be any coercion, it cannot be unilateral, and any change to a contract must be by mutual agreement between all parties involved.
      [End of indenting]
      THEREFORE: I have never consented to any ”terms and conditions”, i have never consented to any legal contract—only the common law contract to pay for what i have used—and my consent cannot be implied nor my right of consent be taken away under common law.
      THEREFORE: I revoke any implied licence to replace any analogue meter with a smart meter.
      THEREFORE: There can be no installing of a smart meter whilst i am living here at this Property:
      0 Xxxxx Road, Xxxxxx 0000

      If you send the CEO of your power company Good Luck. The key is NOT to allow them to install it in the first instance.

      Posted by Angela | February 7, 2013, 10:17 pm
  2. Template for documents which work:

    Posted by Xyila | November 18, 2013, 11:34 pm
    • Hallo

      I am the originator and composer of the above letter. It worked for me, and the letter received in return let it out that one only needs a certified meter, not specifically a smart meter. I may have been the first to achieve this in NZ.

      I am electrosensitive and a contact of the ESNZTrust, and the blogger can contact me via the email i included below (if you can access it), We need all of the members that we can get.

      Should you not, then i will provide a contact somehow.

      Posted by Shiwa | January 13, 2014, 10:10 pm
      • I am interested in getting rid of my smart meter which was installed a couple of years ago. Where would I be able to purchase either another analog meter or some such meter here in New Zealand, I live in the Upper Hutt area which is 30 mins out of Wellington.

        Posted by Louise Duncan | May 28, 2014, 12:13 pm
  3. Hi Louise

    (replying to your comment is disabled—hope that you see this.)

    Contact Katherine at stopsmartmeters.org.nz and ask to be put into contact with Ken. Have informed him of your query.

    Posted by Shiwa | July 1, 2014, 2:03 pm

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