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Video – win a smart appliance!

Click to see this important video. Continue reading


Your home life power chart revealed

By examining smart meter data, it is possible to identify which appliances a consumer is using and at what times of the day, because each type of appliance generates a unique electric load “signature”. Continue reading

Video – CIA concerns over smart grid

Thalia Assuras from EnergyNow.com sat down with former CIA Director James Woolsey to discuss the current state of the nation’s electric grid and its vulnerabilities. Woolsey says the federal government’s oversight of grid security is inadequate and attacks on the grid are “entirely possible. Continue reading

Video – Smart grid risks

Electrical engineer and electro-magnetic pollution consultant Tom Wilson of GreenAndHealthyHomes.net, analyzes the architecture and human and environmental health risks of the so-called ‘smart grid’ in his presentation at the Wireless Safety Summit, Oct. 5, 2011, in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Center for Safer Wireless.

Smart meters – the issues, concerns and implications

Smart meters – the issues, concerns, implications and what you can do Smart Meters are being installed in homes around the world as part of a global roll-out of smart power grids. We don’t believe in coincidences. We have a number of concerns with regard smart meters, which can be used to measure electricity, gas … Continue reading

Smart meters are a threat to privacy, says watchdog

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has warned that smart meters, which must be introduced into every home in the UK within the next seven years, will be used to track much more than energy consumption unless proper safeguards are introduced. Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy 1-0 Not-So-Smart Grid. Poor Response to Recent Storm Power Outages & Continued Warnings By Medical Experts

[SSM UK comment]: Despite Hurricane Sandy being used by some as an opportunity to vacuously promote the energy non-panacea that is Smart Grid, the result of it’s first match is in.  Smart Grid promoters might want to look away now…(but don’t say we didn’t try to warn you).. Bold emphasis in main body below added … Continue reading

Video – Privacy 'big issue' with smart meters

This segment deals with privacy and security. Most will learn much from this video. In under 12 minutes it deals very well with these 2 issues, of course, every segment could be hours long but thats not the point. Share with friends, relatives and all. Part of the purpose of these videos is to explain … Continue reading

Video – Smart meters invade privacy

Video – Smart meters invade privacy

Video – smart meters – follow the money

“The Money Trail”, learn the behind the scene conflict of interests. Money grabbers seem to ignore world-wide documented health risks. Plus: steps you can take to lessen the impact of wireless devices on your families’ health. Most important information for all citizens’ of the world. Part 1 Part 2

Smart hacking for privacy

Smart Hacking For Privacy Advanced metering devices (aka smart meters) are nowadays being installed throughout electric networks in Germany, in other parts of Europe and in the United States. Due to a recent amendment especially in Germany they become more and more popular and are obligatory for new and refurbished buildings. Unfortunately, smart meters are … Continue reading

Canadian privacy commissioner investigates smart meters

28 July, 2011. VICTORIA – British Columbia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is investigating BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program to ensure that it complies with privacy law. Commissioner Elizabeth Denham launched her investigation following receipt of numerous complaints that the information collected by smart meters breaches personal privacy. BC Hydro has recently started installing smart meters … Continue reading

Smart meter data shared far and wide

DETAILED information about electricity customers’ power usage, which gives insights into when a house is occupied, is being shared with third parties including mail houses, debt collectors, data processing analysts and government agencies. Continue reading

NZ Privacy commission update

Earlier this week I responded to an email from the New Zealand Privacy Commission by asking two questions. 1) You say power companies have good business reasons for installing smart meters. Can you explain what you believe those reasons are? 2) You say power firms have legitimate uses for the more detailed information those meters … Continue reading

Flash, bang, burn smart meters

They call them smart meters but a growing number of homeowners disagree. They’re claiming the new power monitoring devices are actually bad for your health.

Ultimate battle against smart meters

A smart meter is usually an electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes.[7] Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. Unlike home energy monitors, smart meters … Continue reading

Video – Smart meters violate privacy

Critics at odds with utilities.  

A reader writes..

Hi, I contacted you recently re advice for getting my smart meter removed. I am with Contact Energy. After speaking with many companies and discussing options, I have as of today had the communications device removed from my smart meter, in fact the smart meter was removed and replaced with another type of meter. It … Continue reading

Privacy commission supports smart meters

While the health impacts of smart meters and wireless technology could be debated for years without common ground being found, the issue of privacy – in my mind – is pretty clear cut.

With a smart meter installed on your home your power firm will be able to track and spot trends in your daily power usage. And if that trend changes they will know something has changed in your home.

With this in mind I wrote to Marie Shroff, the privacy commissioner here in New Zealand. Surely, with her interest in our privacy, she would be beating down the door of the power firms to stop them spying on us.

Apparently not. Indeed, from the reply I got to an email raising privacy concerns, the privacy commission basically supports the power firms. Continue reading

Video – Health issues caused by smart meters

Fox 10 News in Phoenix forgot to say that Cindy duBac & Loni cannot live in their homes because of the Smart Meter Grid and 4 G Cell Towers producing high levels of radiation. APS will not remove them in her community so she can go back home to live .Also a separate cardiologist was interviewed and they did not include his testimony in this video. Will add that interview at a later date. The representative from the power co in this video cites incorrect data about the power levels of the smart meters. Continue reading

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