Happiness DVD

“This Video Changes Lives.” ALL profits from the sale of the Happiness DVD will help fund the Power Struggle movie.


Produced by Steve Hart, the True Happiness DVD helps people put value on the things that matter most. Plus, all money raised from the sale of each copy helps fund the Power Struggle documentary film.

Are you ready for change? Do you want to grow and develop your life?

The True Happiness DVD features a range of New Zealand experts who share their knowledge to help viewers get the right job, find balance in their lives, and cope with the stresses and tribulations of every day life.

The True Happiness DVD has already helped thousands of people discover new meaning in their lives. To bring life into perspective and help them look at what really matters.

It brings a breath of fresh air and can help people feel better during times uncertainty.
The True Happiness DVD.
• Running time: 70 minutes
• Widescreen presentation / 16:9
• Format PAL
• Price $25 delivered anywhere in the world
• All profits raised help fund the Power Struggle movie


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