Power Struggle – the movie

The subject of Smart Meters is a polarizing one that has caused protests, anger, gun threats and genuine fear. The power companies say there is nothing to be concerned about, but not everyone is convinced.

This documentary looks at Smart Meters – a new breed of wireless utility meters that appear to be part of a global roll-out of the technology to establish “smart grids”.

These high-tech meters are different to your regular analogue ones that are read by a visitor to your property every month or so.

Smart Meters are so much more than just a device to measure your power usage. Each one includes a radio transmitter to send details of your power usage back to the retailer.

In New Zealand, most meters send the retailer details of your power usage every day over the 2.5Mhz mobile phone network. Meters also ‘talk’ with each other.

The health affects of having a mobile phone transmitter attached to your home and office, are causing some people real concern. Particularly those who are sensitive to electrical equipment and cellphone technology.

Very soon you will start seeing “Smart Appliances” appearing in the shops. Once you install these “smart” appliances, anti-Smart Meter protestors say you can kiss goodbye to your privacy.

They claim your power supplier will know when you open the fridge door, turn on the TV, when you are on holiday and when you use the microwave.

Not only that, they claim the power company will know the makes and models of the smart appliances in your home.

This doco looks at Smart Meter technology, talks to the experts and people who oppose them on health and privacy grounds.


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