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Target the smart meter installation company

Having no joy negotiating with your power supplier when you refuse their smart meter?

How about calling up the CEO of the firm that sends out the guys to install smart meters?

An email to the CEO and GM of the installation firm highlighting the very real risk of future litigation against them, re your concerns about the smart meters they are installing, might get them to think twice before turning up on your doorstep.

Put them on notice.

Particularly if you can also send them scientific evidence that there is a question mark over the overall safety of smart meters.

While your big corporate power firm might have the insurance and legal muscle to fend off a claim, your small firm of sub-contractors down the road might think twice before engaging in litigation – particularly if your friendly doctor confirms you were in fine health before the smart meter was installed (time for a health check?)

Simply stick to the facts as you understand them, challenge politely and refuse smart meters at every turn.

Don’t even let them install a smart meter that has had the transmitting chip removed – it takes 10 seconds to re-install it.

Don’t compromise, simply insist you get an analogue meter installed.




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